Who We Are

Advocates for Christ – Ghana, is a growing movement of professionals, parents, pastors and of all Christians seeking to provide a permanent and proactive voice on national issues in Ghana. We have a membership of over three hundred and fifty (350) people currently spread across Africa, Australia, Europe and the United States of America. Our Vision is to be a lead movement/organisation in Ghana promoting biblical Christian values in all sectors of national life, working together with other Christian groups. To achieve this, our Mission is to engage in Public Policy Advocacy, Capacity Development, Strategic Facilitation, Resource Mobilisation and Prayer related to national issues.

Board Members

  1. Mr. Edem Senanu (Chair)
  2. Mr. Christopher Charles Oppon (Vice-Chair)
  3. Mrs. Amma Eleblu (Vice-Chair)
  4. Rev. Julius Coomson
  5. Prof. Godfred Bokpin
  6. Mrs. Elsie Hayford
  7. Prof. Charles Ackah

Rev. Timothy Effah-Adjei is the Administrator, coordinating all A4CG activities.

Who is an Advocate for Christ?

An advocate, by definition, is someone who publicly supports, speaks, recommends, pleads, or argues for a particular law, policy, position or course of action. Members and partners of Advocates for Christ – Ghana are therefore individuals and groups committed to work together to publicly support and speak up on issues, in order to promote Christ’s or the bible’s position on matters of national interest.

A4CG Structure

The A4CG structure is composed of a board and a secretariat at the apex, three (3) support teams namely: (i) Prayer, (ii) Policy Advocacy and (iii) Capacity Development that assist the gates to execute their activities, and twelve (12) operational gates at the base.

The Twelve (12) A4CG Gates

  1. Family
  2. Governance, Law & Politics
  3. Economy, Finance & Business Sustainability
  4. Science, Technology & Innovation
  5. Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change
  6. Media & Communication
  7. Arts & Entertainment
  8. Youth & Sports
  9. Church/Religion & Ministry
  10. Agriculture and Agribusiness Sustainability
  11. Education & Learning
  12. Health

Roles of Members

Members are expected to (i) Belong to and participate in the activities of not more than two (2) gates or their supporting teams; (ii) Educate and equip themselves with facts and the biblical position on issues that are of concern within the gates/nationally; (iii) Take an informed biblical position on how to support or speak up about issues; (iv) Be vigilant and alert about laws, policies, trends, practices and issues that could compromise the biblical standards required of Christians; (v) Know that no effort is too small or insignificant when it is birthed by prayer, anchored in scripture, and executed under the direction of the Holy Spirit; (vi) Act on our responsibility to pray, study the bible, mobilise, educate and partner other Christians to take a public stand on issues that compromise our Faith; and (vii) Share new ideas on how A4CG can enhance its activities for the Kingdom of God, here on earth.



To be a lead movement/ organisation in Ghana promoting biblical Christian values in all sectors of national life.


To engage in Policy Advocacy, Capacity Development and Prayer on national issues in order to achieve our Vision.

Our Core Beliefs

Stand with us to Build a God-Honouring Ghana