Health Gate

Health Gate

The Health Gate brings all professionals in the health sector under its umbrella. In this Gate, there are medical experts, and others in other areas of health such as research, finance and administration who synergize to monitor, engage and influence issues concerning the health sector with godly principles.

As a gate, we have the charge to conduct regular & systematic research, discussions and analysis on relevant laws, policies, practices and trends and issues in the interest of the health of Ghanaians.

We have done this actively in the past 2years.


In 2020, the experts in the gate collaborated to publish 2 papers for the Christian Community. The first was a general paper on COVID-19, and the second addressed COVID Vaccines and vaccination.

Following this, the Advocates For Christ Ghana found the need to voice out the Christian view on Vaccine Mandates. The gate had to rise to this occasion by contributing to two (2) Press Statements that shook the grounds of the health sector.

Under our guidance, as a gate, national experts managing COVID 19 were lined up in a webinar to educate the public on why Ghana needed to adopt Vaccine Mandates after being hailed globally for being one of the countries on top of their game in COVID management. 

All these active engagements against the mandates, and evidence put forward by the team influenced national discussions till the plot became still born.

We were equally concerned about the mental health of Ghanaians during COVID, but more interested in the mental well-being of children and parents since information in that area is generally deficient. We produced short videos through out the 2years of active COVID to support the mental health of this vulnerable group.

At the time that the anti-LGBT bill was laid in Parliament and memos were requested in support or against the bill, the Health Gate teamed up with the Science Gate to contribute meaningfully to this all-important discussion based on medical research and practices. It was no surprise that all who spoke during the Public Hearing, including Prof Afua Hesse, put up a sterling performance in support of the bill.

In November 2021, the gate marked the World Antibiotic Resistance Month by sharing public education materials. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, there was a global issue of antibiotic abuse and misuse. We found our voice on this issue as well, cautioning the general populace on the effects of indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

The year 2022 has been equally eventful for the gate. We organized 2 online webinars on Kidney Health in the first quarter, that was successful in educating the public on how to maintain healthy kidneys with respect to diet and lifestyle modifications.

Our latest venture has been the mooting of “The Christian and Work Ethics Webinar series” which is underway. Our desire is to promote the knowledge, principles and life of Jesus in the marketplace by persons who know Jesus firsthand and who walk submitted to His authority.

The Gate meets online on the first Sunday of every month, and holds regular online prayers on the first Monday of every month.