A4CG Gates

THE ADVOCATES FOR CHRIST GHANA GATES capture 12 broad sectors of socio-economic and political spheres that A4CG seeks to proactively influence.

These GATES are administratively structured as teams of Christian professionals, experts, missionaries actively involved in the sector with leaders who spiritually and professionally monitor and engage to ensure policies and programs reflect the divine will and ordination of God.

As Christians it is divinely appointed for us right from creation through redemption to the return of our Lord to exercise dominion and stewardship over the earth. (Gen 1 & 2; Mat 5:13; Luke 19:13; Rev 5:10 etc)

In this keeping we are to actively engage in the governance of the territories the Lord has planted us in to ensure the kingdom and government of God finds expression in every endeavor of the earth as it is in heaven.

This is the trust of identifying and gatekeeping the sectors / spheres or (mountains) of our society – making the over 70% Christian population of Ghana truly count in the policy decisions and governance of the nation.