The Family Values Month & More

The seven (7) colour rainbow, being the first covenant between God and humanity, has a special place in our Christian faith Genesis 9:8-17

It’s a symbol of God’s covenant to preserve His divine order and relationship with humanity sealed with a promise never to destroy the earth again by flood!

The rainbow’s sacred significance to every Christian believer is therefore the humbling reminder of God’s rulership over the earth, governed and sustained by His divine laws.

Yet as part of a larger, aggressive strategy to frustrate the purposes of God’s holy church and specifically target to destroy the divine order of the family unit – these rainbow symbols are being perverted to become associated with alternative LGBTQIA + lifestyles.
This campaign is therefore to educate/ remind Christians about God’s position regarding the rainbow and the family/humanity using significant calendar days to undertake this project under the caption – RAINBOW CAMPAIGN – FAMILY VALUES MONTH & MORE launched in June 2022 as a collaboration between A4CG and The National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values


“Reaffirm the rainbow as the symbol of God’s covenant with humanity”

Key Objectives of the campaign is to

  • Have annually themed campaigns each June as part of the Family Values Month and More
  • The period will undertake various public engagement activities as part of Family Values Month and More, for reorientation, affirmation, reaffirmation and celebration of Godly Family Values.
  • Encourage churches, ParaChurch organizations and indeed the entire body of christ to adopt or adapt the campaign activities throughout the period of the campaign and beyond